Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Review of the Free Tools in the CTC BIM Batch Suite

Over on his BIM Chapters blog, Dan Stine has published a review of the free tools in the CTC BIM Batch Suite add-in. Read the review here.

Nice job Dan!

AGACAD's Summer Special: Until Jul 31, Buy Smart Details and get Smart Browser & BIM Tree Manager Free

From the AGACAD website:

AGACAD‘s Summer Special!

June 20, 2017 by Gitana Černiauskienė

As summer gets underway, we have a unique 3-for-1 offer. From now through July 31, when you purchase Smart Details, you’ll get BIM Tree Manager and Smart Browser Manager for FREE for 1 year!

Furthermore, by purchasing Smart Details, you get three pieces of software that can be used by two people simultaneously.

Get Your Free Content Library Audit

From the UNIFI website:

Get Your Free Library Audit

Make informed decisions to get the most from your investment in BIM content.

How valuable would a complete view of your BIM content libraries along with the ability to drill down deep into specific areas be to assessing the quality of your firm’s existing content?  UNIFI Insights provides you with a comprehensive dashboard enabling you to visualize your entire library at scale and receive in-depth reports that outline specific details about parameters, CAD files and the overall health of your library, along with highlighting areas for improvement.

Take advantage of a FREE library audit now – we’ll review one of your libraries and then go over the results with you in a brief consultation.  

Free Webinar Jun 27: What’s New with Collaboration for Revit & BIM 360

From the Microsol Resources website:

What’s new with Collaboration for Revit & BIM 360?

June 27, 2017 11:00 AM EDT - 12:00 PM EDT


How do you collaborate and access project data throughout the building construction lifecycle? Join this free webinar to learn how Collaboration for Revit and the BIM 360 Team service from Autodesk can empower a project team to collaborate, those in the field to better anticipate and act, and those in the back office to optimize and manage all aspects of construction performance.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Free External Access Links Manager Version 3.0 – Now Includes Batch Tool

From the Autodesk App Store:

About This Version

Version 3.0.0, 6/20/2017
  • Updated to work with Autodesk® Revit® 2018
  • Batch Tool Added (Process All Revit® Projects in a Folder)
  • Check All / None Checkboxes Added for Loading / Unloading Links


The 'External Access Links Manager' addin enables Revit users to view the links in Autodesk® Revit® project files without having to open them.

Once a Revit project file is selected, the 'External Access Links Manager' interface populates with data about the links in that project. Actions can then be performed on those links including repathing and setting the links to be loaded or unloaded the next time the project is opened. The user can also generate TXT reports which will list out information about every link associated with that Revit project file.

Batch Tool Interface (Annotated)

Hanger Generator

From the Autodesk App Store:

With Hanger Generator, you can create hangers on linear MEP elements, such as pipe, duct and Cable tray. You can define on which structural elements you want the hangers to hang, it can be on an element on the project or on an Autodesk® Revit® link. If there is nothing to hang, they will be created anyway, but with a uniform height. You can personalize things such as: Layout rules, measures, position offset, levels, on which elements they hang and internal parts.

Screenshot of the interface

BIM Track Version 1.11 for Navisworks and Revit

From the Autodesk App Store:

About This Version

Version 1.11, 6/20/2017

This release aims at vastly improving the 3D viewer’s performance. By introducing new technologies such as progressive rendering and frustum culling, we have pushed the limits of our viewer to an higher level. A variety of changes were also introduced to increase the user experience in general. See below for a full list of changes.

New Features:
  • Progressive rendering was added to the 3D viewer. This should vastly increase the viewer’s performance on complexes models. Please note that it’s possible to increase/decrease the progressive rendering strength in the option menu. When needed, the viewer will hide some elements in the model to allow a smoother navigation on complexes models and these elements will reappear progressively depending on your rendering priorities preferences as soon as the navigation stops.
  • An option menu was added for the progressive rendering where it’s possible to specify your own rendering order preferences. If you are currently reviewing HVAC issues, moving the HVAC to the top in the rendering priority will ensure that HVAC elements are displayed first.
  • An option called ‘Frustum culling’ was added to the 3D viewer. This option aims to improve the 3D viewer performance on large scale projects. When enabled, every element that lies outside of the viewing area will not be systematically rendered.
  • The ‘Fullscsreen’ option within the 3D viewer will now act as a real fullscreen instead of simply collapsing the left hand-side panel.
  • It is now possible to upload and display multiple models that use different unit systems.
  • To enlarge the viewing area, the left-hand panel will now collapse automatically upon entering the 3D viewer.
  • Improved error handling in the 3D viewer. The viewer will also try to recover its previous state when the browser runs out of available resources in an attempt to prevent crashes and a ‘loss of context’ from occurring.
  • Other small various changes were made to the 3D viewer to improve the user experience in general.
  • It is now possible to save a section plane with an issue in Navisworks 2017 & 2018. Interoperability for this feature is somewhat limited due to API limitations for Revit and pre-2017 versions of Navisworks.
  • Images contained in the comments of an issue are now displayed in the report.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Free Webinar Jun 26: RPC Creator Tool How-To

From the registration website:

ArchVision How-To: RPC Creator Tool

Mon, Jun 26, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PDT

Join us for "ArchVision How-To: RPC Creator Tool"

Live Q&A will take place after the presentation.

There's more information available on the registration website.

New Wombat Package for Dynamo

From the Dynamo website:

Announcing Wombat for Dynamo by Woods Bagot 

Woods Bagot is excited to announce their new public package "Wombat" for Dynamo.

Wombat expands the range of operations available when scripting Revit. It opens up new ways of creating and querying Revit elements like walls, columns, roofs, and curtain wall systems, and provides handy utilities for managing data.​


The Week that was in Revit and Navisworks Add-ons for June 12-18, 2017

During the week of June 12, 2017, here on Revit Add-ons, we published 24 posts.


From the Autodesk App Store, Boomerang is for driving element properties from Excel, Concrete Zone Quantity is for quick concrete volume quantities by zone, CopyFamilySharedParam is self-explanatory, Copy Sheets is for copying sheets with viewports, and the free Mosa Converter is for converting signature tile surfaces created with the Mosa Pattern Generator for Revit.

From around the Internet, CS ArtisanRV is web-integrated landscape BIM software for Revit, Family + Detail Warehouse (F+DW) is a stock library of native-built non-manufacturer-specific Revit families, components and details, Helix is for converting Sketchup models to Revit, the free Mosa Pattern Generator is for making endless tile wall and floor patterns, and PointSense for Revit is for converting laser scans to BIM models.

Roundup – For June 12-18, 2017, New and Updated Revit and Navisworks Add-ins on the Autodesk App Store

The week of June 12, 2017 was a busy one for Revit add-ins on the Autodesk App Store. Five(ish) new add-ins were published, and another fifteen were updated.

For new add-ins, Concrete Zone Quantity is for quick concrete volume quantities by zone, Copy Sheets is for copying sheets with viewports, CopyFamilySharedParam is self-explanatory, and the Mosa Converter is for converting signature tile surfaces created with the Mosa Pattern Generator for Revit.

Boomerang, which we've known about for a couple years, also made it's debut on the App Store.

Of the updated add-ins, A400 Licenses MonitorBOM to Excel, and LightUp received relatively significant refreshes.


Copy Sheets 2017
The tool is designed to copy sheets including the Viewport | USD 4.00/M
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 1.0.0, 6/15/2017  – Initial Release

Copy Sheets 2018
The tool is designed to copy sheets including the Viewport | USD 4.00/M
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 1.0.0, 6/15/2017  – Initial Release

Copy multiple families shared parameters from one family to another in what can be as little as two clicks of the mouse | USD 10.00
 (1 review)
About This Version: Version 1.0.0, 6/15/2017 – Initial release.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Free A400 Licenses Monitor for Revit and Navisworks Version 1.0.1

From the Autodesk App Store:

About This Version

Version, 6/13/2017
  • The server now also saves the log path to the .config file (previously this was saved to the machine registry). If updating from previous versions, the first time running the client please set the log file again in Server > Settings even if it shows the correct path to force it to write the path to the .config file.
  • The log parser compatibility was been improved (log file syntax may vary with FLEXnet version).
  • The log monitor now auto starts if the service was forced to restart while the monitor was running (useful to servers installed in pcs with scheduled reboots).
  • The client only shows the server's activity log’s last 100 lines. This should avoid a reported error where the text was to long and retrieving the info should be substantially faster. You can check the full activity log by opening the file in the server's computer.


This application consists of a client that provides a graphical interface to consult network license usage and a server that monitors the network license server log and records license utilization.


From the Autodesk App Store:

Do you regularly utilize Autodesk® Revit® families but find you need to add your own office standard shared parameters? On the other hand, do you simply need to copy multiple shared parameters from one family to another? If so, this solution will save you hours of work and turn the mundane into a pleasure.

This application allows you to copy multiple shared parameters from one Family to another with as few as two mouse clicks.

You also can amend the binding Type/Instance as well as the group the shared parameters are displayed under.

PointSense for Revit – From Laser Scans to BIM Models

From the FARO website:

PointSense for Revit® 

Fast and precise BIM modelling from point clouds inside Revit®

From Laser Scans to Revit® Models

You work with Autodesk Revit® and use a 3D laser scanner for fast data acquisition? In Revit® you miss the functionality of being able to process 3D laser scan data? You are looking for a quick and simple workflow that doesn‘t require any training?

The solution is PointSense for Revit® !

  • Tools for automatically fitting and aligning walls
  • Create directly in the point cloud using 3D construction aids and real 3D point snap
  • Fit Revit® work planes in the point cloud
  • Calculate from ortho images directly in the Revit® project
  • Process scan data in the Revit® families editor
  • Simple and intuitive navigation in the photo like scan view

CS ArtisanRV – Cloud-Based BIM for Landscape

From the CS Design Software website:

CS ArtisanRV

The first Cloud-based software solution to enable landscape Revit® integration

BIM for landscape

CS ArtisanRV: The FIRST web-integrated landscape BIM software for Revit®

Launched in 2015, CS ArtisanRV enables the landscape professional to fully embrace Building Information Modelling, offering specialist BIM for landscape tools to collaborate with the industry leading Revit® solution.

Helix – Convert Sketchup To Revit

From the EvolveLAB website:

Convert Sketchup To Revit

We are excited to introduce to you Helix, the first Sketchup To Revit tool that converts Sketchup faces and components to Revit walls, doors, windows, roofs, and curtainwalls without the use of dynamo.  The components are fully schedulable and use your template and your content.  Simply map your sketchup file using the Helix interface, and send your geometry over to Revit as real Revit information.

Helix is brought to you by . It's priced from US $1,500.00 to US $2,500.00.

There's more information available on the EvolveLAB website.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Free Mosa Converter – Import from the Mosa Pattern Generator

From the Autodesk App Store:

Make your contemporary interior design more realistic and easier to create with the Mosa Pattern Generator. The Mosa Pattern Generator allows you to make endless combinations with new and existing wall and floor patterns. You are free to choose from all available formats, grids, textures, and colors. The patterns can be fully integrated into standard design and construction software packages. Your sketch is instantly transformed into a feasible and personalized design.

Whether your design is complex or simple, geometric or rhythmic, or demure or bold: whatever the room calls for, you can adjust and compare patterns and even adjust tiles individually. The designs can be easily exported to SketchUp, Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Autodesk® Revit®, and other BIM and CAD software. This makes it even easier to present your ideas in an attractive and appealing way.

The Mosa Pattern Generator precisely calculates the amount, format, and percentages of the required tiles. It also generates a working plan with instructions for the tiler. Moreover, it combines the latest modern web-based techniques, allowing you to work in real-time. A floor or wall can be drawn into a photograph and includes that realistic gloss.

The Mosa Converter lets you import the information from the Mosa Pattern Generator directly into your Revit model. All dimensional, visual, and technical data is imported at once and with a few steps your tile surface is set up and you are ready to create floors and walls into your model. All basic information is included in the system family, and all other information is available via the link in the system parameters.

Free Mosa Pattern Generator – Make Endless Tile Wall and Floor Patterns

From the Mosa website:

Creative freedom

Make your contemporary interior design more realistic and easier to create with the Mosa Pattern Generator. The Pattern Generator allows you to make endless combinations with new and existing wall and floor patterns. You are free to choose from all available formats, grids, textures, and colours. The patterns can be fully integrated into standard design and construction software packages. Your sketch is instantly transformed into a feasible and personalized design.

Copy Sheets

From the Autodesk App Store:

The tool is designed to copy sheets including the Viewport.

This tool will duplicate the needed viewports for the new sheets, saving hundreds of hours used in setting the new sheets and adjust the viewports.

Boomerang – Drive Element Properties from Excel

From the Autodesk App Store:

Use Boomerang to add sheets and rooms, to convert Autodesk® Navisworks® clash tests into families, to create topography and to create Points in a Conceptual Massing Model from an Excel sheet.

Simply link Excel columns and rows with Autodesk® Revit® element properties.

For example, create sheets in a Revit project by connecting Excel column numbers with Revit sheet numbers and Excel column names with Revit sheet names. Convert Navisworks clash reports into Revit families by simply assigning XYZ values and text parameters to Generic Models.

Use Boomerang to:
  • Add Sheets
  • Add Rooms
  • Add Reference Points in a Conceptual Massing Model
  • Convert Navisworks clash into Revit families
  • Create Topography

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Revizto Version 4.4

From the Revizto website:

Revizto 4.4 is now LIVE!

15 Jun, 2017

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Revizto 4.4 is now available for download from our website!

Our team has invested a great deal of time and efforts to develop this version to provide project teams with powerful and more connected solution to BIM project coordination and collaboration.

In addition to the significantly improved interface, users will benefit from long-awaited features – visibility control of linked models, color coding, and phases from Revit.

What’s new in Revizto 4.4 release:
  • Ability to color code links, categories and levels. New "Objects" dialog. 
  • Visibility control of linked models and individual objects. 
  • Phases support from Revit.
  • Tag management system for the Issue Tracker.
  • Clickable links on sheets.
  • Console app for getting XLS reports from the Issue Tracker.
  • Ability to attach new file formats to issues. The complete list of supported formats: pdf, txt, csv, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, jpg, png.
  • Interface improvement. 3D tab: reconfigured toolbar.
  • Brand new installer. Minor updates will come through as patches, containing only the differences and therefore being much less in size.
  • Rhino support (direct plugin in Rhino).

Free Webinar Jun 16: Digital Collaboration in Construction

From the registration website:

Digital collaboration in construction: Increasing productivity and enabling new ways of working

Friday 16 June 2017, 11:00 AM - 10:00 AM GMT

Building would like to invite you to a live audio webinar, 'Digital collaboration in construction: Increasing productivity and enabling new ways of working', in association with Bluebeam.
Join industry experts who will give their own first-hand experience of integrating digital collaboration in their own practice and using it to improve productivity.

Attendees will learn how to use digital collaboration to:
  • Share information digitally and allow for communication that is more efficient
  • Improve decision making by being more efficient when collaborating in real-time
  • Decrease costs and reduce errors
  • Break down barriers to communications and improve workflows
  • Improve flexibility, making it easier to operate globally and collaborate with smaller firms
  • Meet BIM requirements by collaborating digitally in a common data environment whilst streamlining workflows

ArchSmarter's Top 10 Revit Apps for 2017

Yesterday we posted about Michael Kilkelly's poll of best Revit apps. The ArchSmarter guru has now published his top 10 list. Click on over to have a look:

Free Webinar Jun 15: Trying Not To Suck At Computational Design

From the registration website:

Trying Not To Suck At Computational Design

Thu, Jun 15, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT


Choosing how to implement Computational Design in your projects can be as difficult as understanding why you might need it in the first place. Picking out bad computational design from the good stuff can be even harder. In this webinar we’ll dive into some examples of good and less good computationally designed architecture to try to understand what makes it worth while.  Additionally, we’ll dive into a simple but powerful grasshopper script that not only takes a well known building with some less than great computational design and makes it better, but the script will help us understand how we can start to leverage computational design to work for us. This webinar is for beginner-intermediate grasshopper ability levels, but this is more about understanding why we use this tool than what it is and how to use it.

There's more information available on the registration website.

What's Hot in Revit and Navisworks Add-ons for May 2017

With "What's Hot", at about the middle of each month, we take a look back at the preceding month to see which posts published during that month received the most pageviews.

Last month we published our highest monthly number of posts ever, 110, and we received our second highest monthly pageview total, 59,224. Thank you readers!

All-time pageviews for Revit Add-ons

We're sure that our coverage of Navisworks add-ins for the first time helped both our post and pageview totals. In fact, our #2 performing post for the month was Navisworks-related, as was another that just missed making the cut (that one was Selection Set Creator).

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Vote Now for Your Favorite Revit App(s) for ArchSmarter's Annual List of the 10 Best

Michael Kilkelly of ArchSmarter is holding a poll to determine his annual selection of the 10 best Revit apps. The survey couldn't be easier:

Here's the link to the poll:

Take a few moments to vote for your favorite(s) today!

The results are in! Check them out on the ArchSmarter website.

Family + Detail Warehouse (F+DW)

From the ArchVision website:

June 5, 2017
By Randall Stevens

When we launched Detail Warehouse in late 2015 our goal was to provide an extensive collection of native-built Revit details perfect for starting or bolstering your own internal library. The library boasts over 27,500 door, foundation, roof and window details across 50 sub-categories. Also included in the collection are nearly 1000 ready-to-use Revit Components which have been very popular.

The popularity of the components prompted us to continue to add additional Revit Families throughout 2016 including wood screws and sleeve anchors, concrete anchors and a comprehensive collection of AISC Steel Shapes improving over the OOTB (out of the box) content that ships with Revit.

Free Revit Project Template Assessments through June 30

From the EvolveLAB website:

Can I look at your Revit template?

I know it's super frustrating and time consuming to not have a good Revit template. Because of this, I recently published a post and video on how to make your Revit template rock.

Here is the link to check it out -

Below are the topics that were covered
  • View Templates
  • Filters
  • Landing Pages
  • Schedules
  • Resource Files
  • Tags

Want an assessment of your Revit template?  Shoot me an email or give me a call, and I'll be happy to look at it for you at no charge.

Contact: 720-417-8463

There's more information available on the EvolveBIM website.

BOM to Excel Version 2.1

From the Autodesk App Store:

About This Version

Version 2.1.0, 6/13/2017
  • Better handling of Materials
  • Performance enhancements
  • Grouping and totaling upgrades
  • Improved layout and display
  • Bug Fixes


Stop wasting hours manually creating BOM reports from Revit.
Spend more time working on what matters.
  • Use our app to automatically create material lists from your Revit models.
  • Immediately export BOMs, reports, estimates and quantity takeoffs
  • Add cost parameters in Revit and get instant cost estimates and quotes directly from the source.

Free Webinar Jun 15: Autodesk Collaboration for Revit + BIM 360 Team

From the Autodesk website:


June 15, 2017 at 11:00AM PT
Cloud-Connected BIM Webinar Series

Autodesk Collaboration for Revit + BIM 360 Team

Webinar Description

Please join Autodesk technical experts for an introduction to solutions for cloud-connected building design team collaboration. This in-depth technical presentation will demonstrate how collaboration utilizing cloud based solutions can uplevel Building Information Modeling team communication, collaboration, and decision-making.

Free Webinar Jun 15: Integrating Your Apps with BIM 360

From the Forge website:

BIM 360 Webinar - June 15, 2017 - Grow Your Business By Integrating Your Apps with BIM 360

By Mikako Harada
May 25, 2017

Learn how to grow your business by integrating your apps and services with BIM 360 - join our upcoming BIM 360 webinar - June 15, 2017
  • Is BIM important to you and your customers? 
  • Want to learn about the opportunity to grow your business and gain competitive advantage by building integrations with Autodesk’s fast growing product (revenue and users) – BIM 360®?
  • Want to get first mover advantage by integrating with BIM 360 now?
  • Want to reach the 100k+ (and growing fast) design and construction cloud innovators using BIM 360 right now?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

LightUp Version 5.5.6

From the Autodesk App Store:

About This Version

Version 5.5.6, 6/13/2017
  • Many fixes and improvements to Material exports
  • Added realtime clouds
  • Added scrub Sun position with right mouse button
  • Added procedural water 
  • Performance enhancements


LightUp enables realtime rendering inside Autodesk® Revit® and can export ultra high resolution Stills in seconds. Walk or fly around your models, edit materials instantly, take spot light level measurements and export Stills directly into your Revit project.